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Rocky leon википедия

Love you guys! If you want an actual CD you can get that here. Feel free to tell me what to write on it.

All songs written and performed by Rocky Leon. Produced by Rocky Leon. Co-Produced by Fabian Uitz. Design by Laura Krisch. I love you all. Especially you!

Drawer (feat. VZI)

Essentially what it comes down to, is the importance of having faith; in believing that things will be good. The future is impossible to predict. There are simply too many factors converging, causing unpredictable outcomes. All the thoughts that I have are there because my brain is reorganizing its perceptions — or rather its interpretations of those perceptions — and drawing conclusions based on patterns that it has learned.

My perception is very selective, my interpretations are entirely subjective, and when I remember things I only remember parts of what I interpreted. This means that the level of abstraction and distortion between what actually happens in the world and what I end up learning is so high, that I cannot simply trust my brain. Language is a great example. I букмекерская контора доступ ограничен a couple that would constantly fight and make up.

Almost every time the problem was misunderstanding and miscommunication. One person has learned to use words one way, but the other person has learned to understand words in a slightly different way. This is an unavoidable challenge in our complex world.

We cannot perceive everything that has brought about a situation. When we begin blindly trusting our interpretations of the world and reacting to them things get very difficult very fast. When we interact with one another honesty is very important. But what I think is even more important is clarity. If I cannot trust my brain then I can chose to believe what makes sense to my brain, or not.

If what makes sense to my brain is that bad things, which I cannot control will happen, it will make me unhappy.

Rocky Leon

There is no sense in worrying about anything. You simply do what you can. New album. Lighting fires. Listen now. Music Lighting Fires Rocky Leon. Buy album. View on Bandcamp. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride and pleasure that I am formally announcing the release of my 4th album, Lighting Fires on April 6th, When I look around at what is going on in the world, I get the sense that we are losing touch with ourselves and one another.

There is too much division and not enough connection. Too much fear and not enough faith.

Too much hate and not enough love. Too much shouting and not enough listening. Our world has become so complex. It has become so hard to separate truth from lies. Your intuition. Fear is the language of the mind. And our minds have become so cluttered. Anyway long story short, I like to keep my messages simple and universal.

The more love is better. Take responsibility for your life. Kinda like a Chinese fortune cookie. No one wants to listen to stupid political songs about how we should stop voting for authoritarian strong men who enable big corporations to destroy the planet while draining the economy by not paying their taxes and then automating everything, thus leaving more people unemployed who then in turn can no longer pay taxes while more and more wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few and society stands on the brink of collapse.

So I made a point of not writing songs about any of that Drawer feat. VZI Deira Burn That Coal feat. Authoritarians The Better feat. Knostl Marie feat. Mie Настоящее имя нашего солнечного друга - Frederick Lehnert. Я - это. Я — всё, но admin tennisi bet мои мысли.

Я — любовь. Но только не вздумайте назвать меня хиппи Люблю петь, танцевать, играть на гитаре и прыгать.

Люблю быть маленьким ребенком. Роки: Получив диплом в сфере музыкального производства, я решил, что, на самом деле, не хочу работать ни на кого кроме. Не хочу создавать чью-то музыку. Хочу просто играть. Я оставил свой маленький укромный городок в Австрии, чтобы большую часть года провести в путешествии по Северной Америке и устроить небольшой эксперимент. Я был убежден, что до тех пор, пока не позволю себе испугаться, реальной опасности не существует Полная биография.

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