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Hilal leon

She takes irreversible step. Leon gives his letter to Hilal. But according to Hilal, there is more important obstacles than Yildiz. Sivas Congress is announced. Charles makes new plans. Hilal tries to stop her feelings. Vasili organizes a surprise engagement for Yildiz and Leon.

Azize and Tevfik prepares for marriage. The Turkish arsenal has to move to Afyon but it is impossible. The person that will help Cevdet for this duty is Azize.

Leon has to decide between his love and duty. The guns reach to Afyon. Azize is the main suspect. Civil war starts in Izmir. Charles and Tevfik join forces with Vasili.

Hilal and Ali Kemal decide to help him to flee. Cevdet learns the truth about Tevfik. He decides to take revenge but first makes a plan for Riza Bey to change his decision.

Azize gets involved and kidnaps. Leon has a pending court martial. Hilal tries to stop the execution. He collaborates with Vasili for a secret and bloody plan. Azize goes to a Yoruk village for help. A bad surprise waits Azize. The massacre is told everywhere. Vasili defames Kuvva about this. Cevdet makes a plan with Azize. Tevfik is unaware of coming to his end.

Vasili is on the verge of learning identity of the traitor in Greek army. Vasili stalemates Cevdet with his family. Cevdet plays his last ace Ali Kemal for saving his family. Vasili faces the truth of his lost son Dimitri. Vasili is executed for being traitor. Leon and Ali Kemal have tough times. Cevdet makes a important decision for his country.

Episode List

Unexpected things wait for Azize and Veronica. Season 1 Season 2 ». See also TV Schedule. This is the third of four different drabbles that I wrote to resolve the mess that was episode 21, it really says something about how upsetting this episode was that I needed four fics to make me feel better about it.

Hilal was walking down the hallway when she noticed Leon walking towards her, she kept her head down peering through her eyes at his approaching boots, wondering if he was going to stop her. She waited as his boots came even closer and waited for them to stop.

How dare he act as if nothing had happened? His eyes were as lifeless as she had felt lately, but when he focused on her, his eyes became resentful and angry. She was surprised, why was he so angry? Surely, this had all been a game to him. He followed her as she turned into the hallway towards the dressing area for nurses. She looked around and then opened the door, waiting for Leon to follow. I thought Halit Ikbal made his thoughts very clear.

Come to really drive home mocking me бинго бум в ульяновске адрес my feelings? Hilal, I am hurt! I poured my heart out for you, did that mean nothing to you when you decided to publish that letter?

Were you laughing as you made me feel things for you? He turned away from her and grabbed at his collar. He turned to her, his eyes disbelieving. Cevdet has to stop a new sneaky plot.

S2, Ep2. Azize makes a plan to see Cevdet. Cevdet has difficulty in overcoming with his daughters. It is time for reunion of Hilal and Leon.

Hilal and Leon (HiLeon) from Wounded Love: Winner of the Top TV Couple 2018

S2, Ep3. Azize is charged with treason by Dagistanli. But the danger closes to them. S2, Ep4. Azize faces Tevfik. But Dagistanli and Filippos have their own secret plans.

S2, Ep5. Tevfik divorces Azize for her trust. Hilal and Leon take a big step but danger waits for them. S2, Ep6. Filippos decides to punish Russia for the help to Turks and heads out after Bolshevists in the Greek Army. Leon faces the risk of being disclosed. S2, Ep7. Ankara calls Dagistanli for regular army. S2, Ep8. Ismet Pasa comes to Izmir to take the soldiers from him.

Episode List

Tevfik falls in to the hands olimp контора Cevdet but Cevdet has a more important thing than his revenge. S2, Ep9. Dagistanli breaks ties with Ankara and takes hostage Ismet Bey. Azize becomes leader of Hemsireler Birligi.

Mehmet comes to an end and makes a plan before his death. S2, Ep Istanbul Goverment requests a meeting with Ankara committee. But Cevdet realizes the ambush and decides to use Tevfik to remove.

Cevdet faces with Tevfik and learns the truth about Azize. On the other hand Cevdet has to save Dagistanli from prison but someone else wants to do it too. Tevfik comes to an end.

The family reunites. Filippos decides to a great attack. But Cevdet tries to learn what happened to Azize.