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They are treating them as disposable. And this example of the betting pool is just really an example or the sum up of how these workers are going through every day.

And just, really, during the pandemic, we saw the highlighted issues within this industry that these workers were 1хбет для смартфона just as disposables and that these workers were purposely put at risk of getting sick.

And really what we saw during the pandemic and during these months, it was a lot about Tyson pretending that they care for workers. Workers are used to coming to work while sick. And their announcement was made in March, when they knew that the cases were growing in their plants and that they knew that workers were going to get sick, so they kind of incentivized workers to continue coming to work. They have developed respiratory problems.

So they know that if the workers were afraid of losing their lives, they have to give them money to make them come to work. And also, one thing to mention is, like, these companies, Tyson and other companies, use this punitive system that is like if workers missed a day of work because they were sick, they will get a point.

If they reach up to 13 points, these workers are going to be fired. So they all the time are afraid of losing their jobs even for missing work because they were sick. So, yeah, we saw a lot of cases of workers coming in sick, workers being exposed, and also denying workers of the risk of who was in contact with.

That information was hidden to workers. Have conditions changed at all in any of these plants since back in March, April or May? Because many of these private employers are seeking to have Congress eliminate any liability on their part for not properly protecting their workers.

They want immunity from any possible lawsuits as a result of their negligence in protecting their workers. Your response to that, as well? And so, right now workers are terrified for the second wave, because the majority of them got sick. And so they are not able to return to work. And Tyson was not paying workers to quarantine. They were not paying workers for being sick. Many workers had to be hospitalized for like three months. And after that, so many of them died.

Workers were not compensated whatsoever for those times during being hospitalized. Many of them are facing food insecurity.

Many of them are facing — they are going through hardship, not being able to pay medical bills, not being able to pay, like, the utilities, you know.

Dear Friend,

And so, right now the fear is, like, with the second wave, Tyson has not done anything to protect workers. And, in fact, after the outbreaks that we experienced here, the company relaxed its policies about checking the temperature, about asking questions in regards if they were exposed to others or if they traveled outside the state or the country. So they have relaxed a lot of the policies.

So, we were demanding paid sick leave. This essential benefit was not granted to workers — is not. And we are still demanding that these companies provide paid sick leave to workers, so workers can assure if they are sick, they stay home, without going through this hardship that they are experiencing right now.

And so, yeah, I think that —. And so, we hope that Tyson really does meaningful changes for workers. Next up, we look at how this year was the deadliest on record for transgender and gender nonconforming people. Stay with us. Dear Friend, This year Democracy Now! Non-commercial news needs your support.

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